Dental Care 10% OFF

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One of the most unrealized need among our pets is dental care. 30-50% of pets two to four years of age already have significant periodontal disease. With the popularity of small breeds of dogs which are highly susceptible to periodontal disease, retained deciduous teeth, loss of teeth, bad breath because of infection, unfortunately it is becoming a more and more common problem. The longer dental care is postponed, the more expensive it can become as well as permanent loss of teeth and pain and predisposing your pet to other problems such as heart and kidney disease. Bring your friend in for an oral exam and assessment so that we can get you started on good preventative care.

At Sunset Whitney Veterinary Hospital, we know that good dental health is too important to wait until a once a year dental special.  We also know that because effective dental treatment can only be done with anesthesia, it cost more .  So to help owners take care of their pets sooner and before infections and loss of teeth occur, we offer specials all year.  The special is that if you make an appointment for a physical examination and your pet is in need of a dental cleaning and you schedule and return for that cleaning within two months, you will receive 10% off all dental services on that day, including anesthesia, cleaning, polishing fluoride, charting, x-rays as well as extractions, pain medicine and antibiotics if needed. Call us to make an appointment for an examination.