Saving Money On Veterinary Care

Often you may see in the news articles about Diabetes Awareness Month for Pets, or Pets are Wonderful Month, or Senior Pets Awareness Month or Pet Dental Awareness, or Spay and Neuter Day, etc.

Of course these things are always with us and our pets and we do our best to always advise you on what is best for your pet to keep them healthy and happy as long as possible. In addition, occasionally manufacturing or pharmaceutical companies, laboratories or organizations provide discounts to us which we can pass on to you. We will let you know about any specials that may apply, be sure and ask us too.

As you know the best, most economical special is preventive health care. This is true for human health as well as pet care. Nutrition, exercise, regular grooming, vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention are well known. However what is less well known is regular, routine examinations are as or more important for the maintenance of good health. Since our pets can’t specifically tell us about their problems and because their life spans are relatively short, it is imperative that they receive physical examinations every 6 months, if you want to prevent problems and maximize their quality of life. Each life stage and each pets life style have different needs at various ages. We can help you plan for the needs of your friends, instead of having to deal with crisis to crisis. Call us, we can help and save you money and help your pet at the same time.

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